I’m baaacccccck!

So I took some time, as you may have noticed. I got wrapped up in life. I lost my way. I learned, grew and I back tracked. I tend to do that. Ritually. I get swept up in something and it's my everything and when it's lost its luster, I get bored and move on.… Continue reading I’m baaacccccck!

Where’s the line?!

FRIENDS! I have gotten in seriously over my head! Between working towards zero waste, minimalism, deciding what diet (please understand that when I say diet I mean my nutritional diet, not a "trendy diet". I hope this makes sense..) is best for my mind body and soul, work, my blog, yoga, enlightening my being, writing… Continue reading Where’s the line?!

Thrift store haul number one

So I will be posting about my first month of zero waste intermittently, but today was so productive, I can't not tell y'all about it! I snagged all of this for three bucks. The mason jar actually did come with a straw, but I opted to leave it there since it was plastic. (I'm sure… Continue reading Thrift store haul number one