My Clean Routine

Hey Y’all! 2019 has been WILD! Between working, taking in random dogs, going to school, keeping my sanity and moving into a house- I lost sight of my zero-wasting a little bit, but I’ve actually made some cool discoveries.

Subscription boxes. Grove and Thrive are my current favorites. (No sponsorship here!) Grove Collaborative is cleaning supplies, pantry products (reusable sandwich bags, compostable trash bags and poop bags, etc) and then some over-priced odds and ends pet and beauty products. Almost all of its packaging is paper, so that’s a plus and their ethics are solid. (Read more about them here.) Thrive Market is a food delivery service (Also mixed in with beauty products). Most of their products are sold in plastic bags- so I avoid those. But you can definitely find solid deals on a lot of items. Packaging is also mostly paper and they’re huge supporters of the Boys and Girls Club. (Read more about them here.)

As I mentioned in my A Year in Review (Part I) , there are a lot of things that while I love the idea of making them myself as it’s so sustainable and I love being able to run out of something and just make it instead of having to make time to go to the store (often times not having the funds to buy something can be rough). But it’s nice to have this knowledge for back-up days. Check out my recipes page and if there’s anything you’d like to see me add, feel free to ask!

So here’s what I have used and what I use now:

Kitchen: I had been using Castile soap and white vinegar for everything. Literally everything. And these two items will also hold a beautiful place in my soul but they’re just not good for EVERYTHING.

90% of what I use, I have found through Grove. There is a large amount of plastic. I’m doing what I can to minimize this. So they carry “concentrate” packets. They’re little 1oz packets (baby plastic!) that you squeeze into your own spray bottles (yay glass!) I just used the glass cleaner for the first time and while I love how sustainable a microfiber cloth and water is- this stuff was sent from the cleaning gods. Meyer’s dish soap works better than any other brand I’ve tried (And that’s really saying something!) I also do still use Castile soap occasionally. There are a multitude of sponge options out there these days. Walnut and Coconut sponges that look and act like a traditional sponge, scrub brushes of bamboo handles, etc. I find that just a cloth works best for me. I have one that has some sort of scrubby material woven into it. I do not know the brand as it was a gift but it looks something like this. I received the Meyer’s room freshener as a free gift in one of my boxes. I do love the way it smells and it works well but it’s not a necessity in my home. I have tried both the concentrate multipurpose cleaner as well as Meyer’s brand. I dig both but I’m obsessed with the lemon verbena scent that Meyer’s creates. (There’s also a concentrate version!)


Again, I used Castile soap and a little bit of essential oil. It.. works. I guess. But I’d rather splurge on laundry detergent than have to replace my clothes often. What I can do is research what I use. About five months ago, I purchased the Ecos free and clear laundry detergent. You can find this at pretty much any market. Again, plastic jug- but it’s $10 for 100 loads. I’ve had it five months and it’s not even half way gone. Laundry detergent is something I wish to continue researching. This is not my end all product. But it works and I have it. So until next year, here you have it! (Feel free to drop your zero waste laundry detergent that you’d like me to try!)

WOOL BALLS ARE LIFE Y’ALL. I get that you might not find them vegan and that’s understandable. I made sure that no animals were harmed in the creation of mine. Sheep need to be shaved. It’s important to do this ethically. So do your research but the amount of animal fur these pull off of my clothing is fantastic.

And finally- for the rest of the pet hair that hangs around, I use this bad boy. I’ve used this not-so-bad-boy in the past and well, just don’t. It worked like a dream the first time and slowly declined after that. It also broke. So yeah, go with the first one. If you’re not a fan of the plastic design, I did stumble across this but cannot account for it’s worthiness.

Bathroom: I pretty much use everything that I’d use in the kitchen for cleaning supplies. I do just use a designated towel to clean my toilet but, I’m the only one that uses it. If you have the need for something a little more heavy duty or just really don’t want to put your hands in there- might I recommend something like this . As for my toilet paper- (I’m going to be honest here I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this) I use family cloth. Yep, I cut up bandanas into strips and sew them up and make soft little derrière squares. It’s crazy, I know. But again, this might not be sufficient for every house hold. I keep Groves Seedling Bath Tissue  on hand. It’s made from sugarcane and bamboo so it’s economical, soft and for every purchase- they help plant a new tree!

What eco friendly and zero waste tricks do you use around the house? I’d love to try out something new!

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