Veggies on veggies

My boss and I embarked on a juice cleanse. Eight days combine, 72 apples, 50 pounds of carrots, my new Omega j8006 juicer and a lot of patience.

  • The juicer plays a HUGE role in the amount (and type of juice you get.) Previously, I owned a Black and Decker juicer that I purchased at Walmart for around $30. I partook in a solo 3 day juice cleanse that was actually difficult to finish. The juice was very thick. There was a lot more of the pulp, which seemed to create more juice but I may as well eaten the ingredients. The Omega j8006 juicer created A less pulpy juice, but it wasn’t quite as filling. And because I didn’t have to water it down, it didn’t yield quite as much.
  • My Black and Decker juicer was a PAIN to clean. The pulp goes into a closed container so you have to remove it to clean it every few items. And the spout was oddly placed. This probably wouldn’t have been as big of an issue for everyday juices and not bulk quantities.
  • THE AMOUNT OF WASTE. Oh. My. Waste. If you are even remotely eco-friendly, I highly suggest researching where you can dispose of the scraps prior to juicing. Find a local community garden, bunny farm or compost drop off. (Make sure you call to ask about requirements for donations!)
  • Do some research on the ingredients you’re looking to use. If you don’t like cilantro, you will NOT like juice with cilantro in it. Same goes with Parsley. I found that I was not a huge fan of the red juice in this cleanse. It tasted of nothing but beets. This is a recipe I’m looking to tweak. Again, research. uh Beets are vital in a cleanse because they’re super high in b vitamins which detox your liver and rich in nitrites which are fantastic for lowering blood pressure. They are vital to a juice cleanse so rather than swap them for something else, I’m going to attempt to mask the flavor.

  • The time. It’s consuming. I spent a combine 14 hours for the total eight days of juice (7 juices per day). I have a new motto after this adventure: “If you’re not sure why it’s so expensive, try making it yourself.”

Okay, okay enough with the negative. Let’s talk about the benefits.

  • Day one is my FAVORITE. You feel light, full of energy and ready to take on the world. In both of my cleanses I have felt like I should do more days than planned. DON’T.
  • Day 2 hurts. A lot. My bones feel soft, my emotions are off the charts. (One direction or the other) No one is safe. If you have a job, or school, or kids- I highly recommend your second day be a day off.
  • After Day 2, I was in the clear. Learn to conserve your energy. If you work out, don’t go hard. I made this mistake on day 3 of juice cleanse and I felt so weak by the end of the day. I drank an extra green juice and it pulled me back up.
  • Juice cleansing is a great way to start an elimination diet. When you finish your cleanse, slowly start to introduce foods back into your diet. I’ll blog about this in the future.

(I feel like this is a good place to inform you that this is NOT for everyone. Please, do your research, talk to your doctor and take into consideration any other medical issues before trying this out.)

  • My first juice cleanse launched me into a 40 pound weight loss.
  • It showed me the discipline I am capable of having.
  • It forced me into a habit of drinking enough water each day.
  • The almond milk is makes it all worth while. Seriously. I could live off this stuff.

In conclusion, I highly recommend responsibly considering a juice cleanse. Do. Your. Research. You don’t want to end up with the great carrot catastrophe of 2018.





Xoxo. N.

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