The *dun dun dun* DENTIST

So, last Thursday was my first time at a dentist in close to ten years. Terrible, I know. I could never afford it. Well, it was never a financial priority. I recently found this place that is super affordable, super awesome and they have massage chairs! I had to get my teeth deep cleaned. They use this little water blaster thing and have to numb your face and it makes you bleed a whole lot. All I could think of was the resources I was using. The amount of water she used, the electricity, the needles which also requires biohazard precautions, the teeth whitening trays, the xrays, etc. But you know, I don’t regret it. Not in the slightest. My teeth have never felt so clean, my morning breath isn’t even close to as bad, and my confidence is definitely boosted.

That’s right. I am no longer viewing myself as a “zero-waster”. I will continue to watch what I consume, still hate straws and will always recycle where I can.

It isn’t realistic to throw away nothing ever. I have pets and a fiancĂ© that refuses to give up toilet paper. I don’t have the time to bake bread every three days or bake dogs treats every week.

Stat tuned, while Nicole changes her mind again!

Here’s a picture of some cookies I made.

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