Zero waste invitations

Welcome to the first entry about weddings! It is absolutely mind boggling how much TRASH a couple is willing to make for one day. I am here to change that! So for our save the dates (which I didn’t really plan on doing in the first place, but here we are), we opted for a 100% post consumer recycled card stock from Paper Culture. It was small enough that we didn’t have to send them in envelopes, but rather as post cards. That also meant cheaper postage. (Shout out to my boss for the stamps). Also, with every purchase they plant a tree dedicated to whom ever the couple chooses. So sweet!

As for other stationary.. we are opting out of menus, itineraries, direction cards and rsvps. Our rsvps are online through our wedding website which is an awesome feature for any bride!

Originally, I wanted to get plantable wedding invitations. I loved the idea of our love growing something beautiful. But I have been informed that my guests want to keep them. And that’s fair. So we’re planting another tree.

What are your favorite eco friendly wedding ideas?

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