I’m baaacccccck!

So I took some time, as you may have noticed.

I got wrapped up in life. I lost my way. I learned, grew and I back tracked. I tend to do that. Ritually. I get swept up in something and it’s my everything and when it’s lost its luster, I get bored and move on. So here i am, with no oomph, trying to be a better me.

I’m now living in an adorable little studio apartment in a sweet little college town in North Texas. I’ve been working a lot and was pretty broke for a while so I fell off the “make everything myself” wagon. I started eating a lot of packaged, processed, soy products. And I started feeling really crappy. When I start feeling crappy, I drink and when I drink I eat like crap. *Insert downward spiral*

But hey, I learned a TON about recycling!

I met a man. But not just any man- a man that appreciates how much I love this world, he doesn’t just deal with my crazy.. he embraces it. He became my best friend rapidly and SURPRISE! We’re getting married! I don’t have to face this cruel world alone any longer, and that’s pretty darn terrific.

*Stay tuned for “Eco-friendly wedding: a blog”*

Photography, Hair, Makeup, travel plans, stationary, FOOD, CAKE. FAVORS.

It’s never ending. And exciting. And exhausting. And expensive. And EXCITING!

I’m going to work on sharing all of the AMAZING recipes I’ve learned, created and tweaked over the last few months. Dry shampoo, 19 different toothpastes, conditioners, soaps, pizza, bread, pudding, ice cream, face masks, deodorant, lotions, setting spray, hair spray!

So stay tuned, it’s about to get weird!

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