Where’s the line?!

FRIENDS! I have gotten in seriously over my head! Between working towards zero waste, minimalism, deciding what diet (please understand that when I say diet I mean my nutritional diet, not a “trendy diet”. I hope this makes sense..) is best for my mind body and soul, work, my blog, yoga, enlightening my being, writing in my journal, recycling, and now finding out I have a love for gardening/ compost and a hatred for fluoride and all of the research these topics entail… I went from having zero hobbies to having way. too. many.

I need some way of sorting.. or juggling all of my passions. Or finding a way to blend them. Meditate while doing yoga? Maybe set aside my pen and paper and turn Landfill Rebel into a more generalized blog? Would y’all like to see more of what goes on in my daily other than just the zero waste aspect of my life? Maybe hold off on gardening until I get everything else under control.

On the bright side, I feel like zero waste has started to become a habit which I LOVE because I don’t have to think about each thing I do before I do it. I just naturally put my scraps in the freezer. I don’t buy things frivolously or without due diligence.

I’ve always been terrible at baby steps. Chose to shine. xoxo. n.

1 thought on “Where’s the line?!”

  1. I think with the blog finding one particular angle and finding a way to tie everything else into that angle would be the best option. I talk a lot about fashion but my blog is a lifestyle blog that subtly focuses on eco living through secondhand means

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