This too shall pass…

Again, today’s post was going to be something completely different but something really weird happened to me and since this is all about failures and successes, I’d like to share my experience just in case it happens to you, too.

Well it started with research. My research tends to turn into what I call my “rabbit hole”. One video turns into another video, turns into a link, turns into another piece of my life I want to change; another toxin I want to remove from my life.

As you may or may not know, I have had a LOT of medical issues starting with thyroid cancer at age 15. In 2005, very little was known about the thyroid. I have now come to the theory that I was under diagnosed by being over diagnosed with cancer. I believe that my ailments very possibly could have been conquered with other avenues of medicine.

Okay, okay. I sound crazy I know.

Gluten. I’ve never liked the idea. I’ve done a lot of research on gluten over the years. I won’t go crazy here. I’ll let you choose where you go with this. But. Gluten. Is. Bad. Period.

This turned into fluoride research. Fluoride. Is. BAD.

So I have this ex that I loved drinking whiskey with. Well, in deciding to go completely gluten free.. out goes whiskey. (RIP my favorite hobby) I chose to share with him the bad news.


Well this guy legitimately asked me “What the hell is going on with you?”

I was so confused. “I’m trying to be healthy. Is that so shocking?”

“But are you working out? All these ‘TRENDY DIETS’ are bad for you. Being a vegan can’t sustain your body.” (I’m paraphrasing..)

“Who said I was just a vegan? You haven’t taken a single moment to learn about who I’m becoming.” (At this point I’m angry but working on controlling it, staying rational and hoping to help him understand a little more about who I am as opposed to the alcoholic bimbo he had such a disconnect with all those years ago.) “I’m happy that you found your way out of your darkness by working out your body but I found mine by exersising my mind and my soul.”

“Now all you have to do is start working out. Trends, this. unhealthy that”

“Why are you being so negative and close minded. I haven’t been this happy in years.”

“Negative, I’ll take but close minded.. I’m just trying to show you how to be MORE HAPPY”


I’ve never felt so insulted by this man and this is the same man that showed up at my apartment at 4am one morning telling me that all I was good for was to (excuse my language) “swallow his cum”

So I excused myself politely from the conversation.


Moral of the story: Don’t let others opinions of what you’re doing negate your self worth, your pride, your power. Your planet is beautiful and it appreciates every bit of love you’re giving it by doing this. Chose to shine. xoxo. n.

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