Thrift store haul number one

So I will be posting about my first month of zero waste intermittently, but today was so productive, I can’t not tell y’all about it!

27356311_10212954324466433_6652006982771364758_o (1)

I snagged all of this for three bucks. The mason jar actually did come with a straw, but I opted to leave it there since it was plastic. (I’m sure someone will be stoked to find it!) And these were the only two jars with lids that I could find ANYWHERE in that store so of course, I snatched them up!


These two little bags are going to serve a great purpose and I was being VERY picky about my needs for each so I’m excited that I was able to find both (for $2.89) in the same store! These are the beginning of my family cloth journey. The floral bag will be for clean cloth. I like that the handle is short so I can hang it on my toilet paper roll holder and it doesn’t have a zipper or latch of any sorts. The black one is larger, incredibly sturdy and has a zipper so I can keep it propped up behind my toilet out of sight and then just toss it in the washing machine without having to open it or sort it. There will definitely be more on this journey later on, so stay tuned!


The quality of this picture isn’t great. Testing my photography skills is also something I’ve been toying with throughout this. #androidlife

So I bought two pairs of jeans today. A pair of basic black skinnies. I’ve actually owned this pair in the past and I love that they’re already worn in and a little bit faded. Black jeans are an item in my wardrobe that while necessary, aren’t something I want to spend a lot of money on because they don’t last very long at all working behind the bar. However, the other pair were a total WIN. WIN. WIN. They are absolutely PERFECT. I just need to get them hemmed and you’ll see me wearing them everywhere! I got both of these for $9


So if you know me personally or follow me on Instagram (@landfillrebel), you know that I bought my laptop specifically for my urge to create this blog. This is the first laptop I have had in several years and the first one I have ever bought, so I’m having a hard time REMEMBERING it! I thought having a computer case would be a great thing to have, but they’re expensive, bulky and not zero waste! I figured I’d check around for something I could use while I was there and came across this beauty. It’s well made, sleek and fits my journals, laptop and accessories perfectly. I am thrilled with this purchase. And it was only $5. SCORE!


What are some of your favorite thrift store hauls?

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